Thursday, October 24, 2013

Catch Up Post

Time to update this little space.  Here is what we have been up to:

Biscuit started a new preschool and so far, she digs it.

We enjoyed a wonderful vacay in Perdido Key, FL with both sets of grandparents.  We drove there and the kids did surprisingly well...better than the adults at times:) Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip:

Now we are just busy with school, soccer, dance, Irish dance...whew my girl has more of a life than me:)  Gearing up for Halloween and other fall fun.  I'll hit on that next time!

Buddy is 1!

(Sorry Buddy I wrote this after your bday but forgot to post...I am so bad at this)

Buddy just turned so this post is devoted to him.  Buddy, your birthday is such a special day for me.  As I reflect back on last year, I can remember every little detail about the day you were born.  I can sum it up in one word - JOY!  It was such a joyful experience.  Daddy and I watched the video of the day you were born the other night and of course we both cried but had huge grins on our faces as we remembered how incredible it was.

Here are your current stats/updates:

Buddy, you are currently weighing in at 22 lbs.  You are in the 90th percentile for your height so you are a big boy!  You have mastered walking and are becoming more and more confident with each step.

You LOVE to play with anything dangerous, i.e. electrical sockets, cords, steps, things with tiny pieces.  You put everything in your mouth so I am in constant fear that you will swallow a Barbie shoe or other tiny object.  You love to be free (hate to be confined in your pack n play).  You love pushing cars around, balloons, and of course soccer balls.  You love to play with your big sis and you usually laugh at just about everything she does.

You eat just about anything now.  You are FINALLY off of formula - thank goodness.  You love yogurt, oatmeal, diced peaches but hate peas.

You sleep pretty good these days.  You go down about 7:00 and wake up about 5:30 each day (usually waking up at least once)  I love rocking you to sleep - you always tug on your curly hair as you drift off to sleep.  You are so funny when we lay you down in your crib, you always stare at us out of the corner of you eye to make sure we are still there until you just can't stay awake another second! 

You can waive bye bye, clap, wag your head back and forth when your being silly, smack your lips when you like what you are eating, and love to play "how big is Buddy?"  You say momma, mom, dada, sis, and ball.

We had a Cardinals themed party for your birthday this weekend and it was awesome!  You had all of your family and friends there (including a surprise visit from Fredbird - you loved him and were not scared at all).

I cannot believe how fast this year went and can't even picture life before you! Happy Birthday big boy!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Steps.

Ok I suck as a blogger.  It has been several months since the last post and I have neglected to memorialize several precious moments and things the kids have done.  A quick recap:

He's walking!  First steps July 19, 2013

A star is born!  First dance recital for this diva.

A much needed get away for mommy and daddy.  Wine country - can't wait to go back one day!

And finally...I made a big life change.  I quit my job and went back to work for this guy!

I can't believe it has been 4 years.  It was sad to leave my old job but I am now working part time for my brother again, spending more time with my kids, and I am really happy.  Ok, I think that brings this blog up to speed.  I have to get better at doing this weekly:)

Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm a slacker...

It has been a long time since my last post.  Much has happened but I have been uninspired to write anything.  My beloved Grandma Grace passed away and I have been wanting to do a post on her but I guess I have been avoiding it for fear of ripping open the wound so to speak. 

Dear Biscuit and Buddy,

I am so grateful that you were able to know Grandma Grace and I know you both loved her very much.  But since you are both still so little, I wanted to jot down some of the little things about her that made her so special!

  • She always sung - You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...
  • She loved tacos with hot spicy sauce and poorboys from Mom's Deli.  We would bring her lunch when we visited her on weekends or days off.
  • She had the sweetest voice ever.
  • She loved Jesus so much and when she could not go to Mass anymore she would watch it on tv everyday.  She prayed for both of you everyday!
  • She loved to sit outside and go for rides in the car with mommy.
  • Biscuit, she always thought you were so pretty and loved your style.
  • Buddy, she loved your dark hair and eyes and of course dimples.
  • She loved to watch you play, sing, dance, whatever.  She would give any of you kids her full attention for as long as you wanted it.
  • She was so generous.  She gave us everything she had.
  • She loved when we would have family parties at her house.  She was most happy when she had all of us there - even though it was crazy and chaotic!
  • She LOVED coffee!  As soon as she finished a meal she was calling for it!
  • She loved Sophie.
  • Even though she was in alot of pain most of the time, she never complained.  She was so tough.  Never sick. 
  • She had some very difficult things happen in her life but you would never know.  She was always so happy, fulfilled, content, peaceful.
  • She loved to go "bumming" around town - taking mommy and your aunts and uncles all over to get ice cream, toys, and all kinds of fun stuff.
  • She taught me how to ride a bike.
  • She would let us sit on the vacuum when she was sweeping the carpet. 
  • She was a terrible driver but would kill me for saying that!
  • She was as sweet as they come but also as feisty as they come:)
  • She loved v-neck t-shirts.
  • She loved to read but hated every book I ever gave her.
  • She snored like a bear. It was funny!
  • Living with her was such a gift/blessing.  I did not always realize/appreciate it but looking back, I see how lucky I was to have had her in my life everyday.  She was like another parent to us.  When everyone else was against you, you always had Grandma. 

There is no end to this list but I will stop now.  I know we will forever continue to share our memories of grandma.  Losing her was so hard, but it was her turn to meet Jesus and be reunited with Bud, the babies she never met, her parents, her brother and sister, and all of her friends.  I think of her all the time, but I mostly feel her when I am rocking you to "nigh nigh" Buddy, or laying with you as you drift off to sleep Biscuit.  I know she is so happy now and I can only imagine how much she is looking forward to us all being together again one day - it will be a crazy chaotic family party in heaven!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Checking In

It has been very busy lately so I have not had much time to get on here.  Alot has happened:

First Sleepover

First School Picture

First Trip Away from Kiddos (for me)

First Patty's Day
Please ignore the balled up dirty diaper on the floor behind him!

First Tooth! (March 23)
Not exactly a picture of his tooth bud but you get the drift.
Easter Bunny Photo Op

Late March Snow Storm = Day off for me:)

Feeling very grateful for my healthy, precious babies and looking forward to Easter this weekend!  

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We have a crawler!

Well Buddy is seconds away from now crawling!  I can't believe how fast it is going with him.  I feel like I just had him!  It is amazing - I am the same person I was 6 months ago but he has grown and learned and changed so much in that time. 
Ignore my annoying voice coaching him on:)

I think it goes by so fast because the pace of our life is so fast.  Between working and shuffling them around and Tom going in and out of town, life seems like an endless, exhausting race.  It is so important to slow down and be present because there is an end.  We are not here forever.  The babies will not be babies for long.  Our older loved ones decline in strength and health.  And one day I know I will long for things to be just as they are today.  I hate to be a bummer.  I just don't want rush through my life, bogged down by the things I have to do without enjoying and appreciating the gifts of today.  It is important to remind myself of this.  It keeps life in perspective when the everyday stuff gets overwelming.

Moving on.  Today is Monday and that means...Dance!
How cute is she!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another week...

This weekend proved to be like most - we were too busy and it went by way too fast!  Tom came home Friday night after Buddy was already asleep.  Biscuit was still awake so she did get to see him.  I had to work Saturday and then we had plans Saturday night to go to a trivia night.  Sunday, Tom was busy working on a project for work and then we went to a Superbowl party at some friends' house.  Before I knew it, he was off to the airport and I was off to work to start another long week! It was a fun weekend but kind of whirlwind.  

I am pretty tired but thank goodness for caffeine. I am embarrassed to post this but mom, since you are the only one likely to ever read this, I will:

Yes, these are all from today and yes I know I have a problem!

OK, on to more important things.  My little Buddy has been sleeping sooo much better since we put him in his own bed in his own room.  We should have done it sooner!  At this rate my diet coke consumption might go down to 2 a day.  Tomorrow he will be 6 months!  

Little Buddy, I waited so long for you!  You have no idea how much we wished for you.  The day you were born was so amazing!  I wish I could go back and relive it.  I took this of Daddy in the parking lot of the hospital the day you were born:

I was scheduled to be induced but went into labor on the way to the hospital.  I checked in at 7:00 and you were born 5 hours later!  I only had to push 3 times.   Daddy was sooo happy to have a boy!  I was too of course:)  The first thing I noticed on you was your dark hair and deep dimples!  

This was the morning after you were born.  It was very early before anyone came to see us.  I  loved this special little moment when it was just you and me.  

I am going to be honest Buddy, you were not the easiest baby as a newborn (albeit you were the cutest!)  We had to switch your formula and bottles several times.  You were a little colicky and a terrible sleeper.  Once we sorted all of that out, you turned into the best baby.  

You have such a sweet disposition.  Your smile melts my heart like nothing I have ever experienced before.  You are very strong.  You love your bouncer/excersaucer.  You are starting to push up when you are on your belly and I think you will be an early crawler!  You LOVE to watch your big sister goof around.  You have started eating baby food - bananas, sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, and rice cereal.  You can't get enough.  You drink about 5-6 ounce bottles about every 3 hours.  Right now you weigh about 18 lbs and are wearing 9 month clothes but at this rate that is sure to change soon.  Sometimes you sleep through the night but if you wake up, it is only once.  I am sorry to ramble on but I just want to remember everything about this stage in your life.  

You are such a blessing and I can't imagine what we did before you.  We love you to pieces Lells!